Canine Pregnancy Calender
Java Script made by Suzan van Prooijen Cattery

Edited and rewritten for a Canine by Debra L Jensen
Imperial Shih Tzu by Jensen and Debbie Jensen Whelping Guide

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Select the date of the first mating
Year: Month: Day:

The information below will be printed at the top of the explanatory table

If nothing happens when you click the calculate button,
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Download a browser that does, like Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
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Pregnancy Calendar for Dogs...

This calendar shows you how your dams pregnancy develops.
Each "bar" in the time-table stands for a certain event,
if you move your mousepointer over a bar (don't click),
a string will be printed in the status bar of your
window and tells you what's happening.
This program needs the date of the first mating
(when the dogs have mated a few times in that week,
choose the mating that took place after ovulation.
Select the date and press the "Calculate" button.
Dates will be printed in the time-table.
The dates in the "Date" row show you the
first day of each week of the pregnancy.
A new browser window will open and show you
an explanatory table which you can print.
There's a button underneath the table,
which closes the window if you press it.
If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know.

Copyright © 1996&1997 Suzan van Prooijen, Cattery El Sham - The Netherlands and Continuted by Debra L Jensen 2006
This Java Script was made by
Suzan van Prooijen
She deserves all the credit for the Java Scipt.
I asked her written permission to steal it from her page.
She graciously allowed me to use
it for my page.
I only edited the information so could be applied to canines
Occasionally we surf the net to find a rare page that
shows the writer to be of true genius. Suzan page is one that I feel is one of the best pages
I've come across on Cats. Its funny, fun and informative.
Not only does she know cats she is also knows her html and java script.
If I am ever in the market for a kitten,
Suzan van Prooijen Cattery is my only choice.
Please visit her page you will be happy you did.

Debra L Jensen
Las Vegas, NV 89156
(702) 989 5398

Made By Imperial Shih Tzu by Jensen