Canine Reproduction  & Whelping Guide   by Debbie Jensen
Signs of Pregnancy

Letter to You
Why I became an Imperial Shih Tzu breeder

Whelping Photos
See pups as they are born

Heat Cycles
First days of heat

Pre Natal Care of pups
Care of the Bitch before and during Pregnancy

Mating your dog
Best days to bred your bitch

The Stud
His ability to produce sperm and mate and artificial insemination

Is she Pregnant
Signs she is pregnant

Java Due date
Inside her body fertilization to birth

Due Date Chart
Puppies are usually born 61 days after conception

Temp Chart
Taking a dogs temperature and recording her temp to predict her whelp day

Print Temp Chart
Taking her temp to determine whelping time

Whelping Supplies
Hemostats, bulb syringes, towels tons of them

Labor Stages
Digging, Shivering and Panting

See a Live Birth
See my Shih Tzu deliver a pup

Hard Labor Begins
Whelping the puppies

Aspirating Throat & Nose
Removing Fluids from the nasal passages

Umbilical Cord
How to cut the umbilical cord

Difficult Whelp (Dystocia)
What to do if shes in distress

What Can go Wrong - Movie
Distressed Pup and Mom

Care of Bitch
Discharge, Retained Placentas, Eclampsia

Puppy Care
Fading Pup, Bottle Feeding, Tube feeding, Vaccinations

Weaning the pups
Giving the pups food

Disease of Dogs
Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus

ParvoVirus, Parvo Enema, Parvaid

Worms and Fleas
Roundworm, tapeworm, Coccidia, Fleas & Giardia

Selling Your Puppys
Placing your Puppies

Terms of Breeding
Common breeder terms we all should know

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Signs of Pregnancy

My dogs give me signs, shortly after breeding to let me know that they are pregnant.
Yours will too. You just need to know how to recognize the signs.

1. Her vulva will stay slightly swollen after their heat ends.

2. Her teats ( nipples will be more pronounced and hard.

3. You will notice a big change in her temperament. She may get quieter or lazy or more loving

4. Two weeks after breeding they may experience morning sickness. It can last a week or so. Give her saltene crackers before she gets out of bed and a few throughout the day

By now I know they are pregnant.

Your vet has to wait until day 28-32 of her pregnancy, to palpate the abdomen.

To do this lay your dog on her side, slide one palm beneath her and your other palm over her other side, just below her ribs. Gently squeeze your palms together and feel for little golf balls, these are puppies. If you become good at this, you will be able to count the puppies.

5. In the 4th week you may notice thickening of her sides, between her ribs and hip bone.

6. She may start to show any time after 5 weeks. Larger breeds may carry the pups up in her rib cage so it might not be so easy to notice.

7. Most dogs show at 6-7 weeks. You may notice a normal discharge somewhere in the last couple of weeks. The discharge is clear and has the consistency of thick vaseline and is oderless.
If you notice a discharge that is green or bloody and fowl smelling seek a vet.

8. In the 8th week you can feel the puppies kick and turn around. I just love this part.

Mimi in her 8th week
pregnant.jpg - 16249 Bytes
uteinehorns.gif - 54679 Bytes

9. If you own a stethoscope you can hear heartbeats in the 8th week. It sounds like short quick tic,tic,tic,tic,tic. I have learned to tell a sex of pup this way. Males tic faster. Like in Morris code, males are the dot, females are the dash.

You can count pups too.

>10. Its safe to get an x-ray in the 8th week, but not just to count pups. Do it only if you suspect she may have a small birth canal which may present a problem. 11. In the 9th week her belly will start to change shape. It appears to lay lower to the ground. This is caused from the pups lining up in the uterine horns. In a human is called when the belly drops.
The 9th week lasts forever, by now you should have started recording her temperature, and have all your whelping supplies on hand. Her bed needs to be ready for the big day.

Please read this page on Pregnancy Determination in the Bitch
by Jeanette L. Floss, DVM, MS College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia