Canine Reproduction  & Whelping Guide   by Debbie Jensen
The Studs Sperm and Artificial Insemination

Letter to You
Why I became an Imperial Shih Tzu breeder

Whelping Photos
See pups as they are born

Heat Cycles
First days of heat

Pre Natal Care of pups
Care of the Bitch before and during Pregnancy

Mating your dog
Best days to bred your bitch

The Stud
His ability to produce sperm and mate and artificial insemination

Is she Pregnant
Signs she is pregnant

Java Due date
Inside her body fertilization to birth

Due Date Chart
Puppies are usually born 61 days after conception

Temp Chart
Taking a dogs temperature and recording her temp to predict her whelp day

Print Temp Chart
Taking her temp to determine whelping time

Whelping Supplies
Hemostats, bulb syringes, towels tons of them

Labor Stages
Digging, Shivering and Panting

See a Live Birth
See my Shih Tzu deliver a pup

Hard Labor Begins
Whelping the puppies

Aspirating Throat & Nose
Removing Fluids from the nasal passages

Umbilical Cord
How to cut the umbilical cord

Difficult Whelp (Dystocia)
What to do if shes in distress

What Can go Wrong - Movie
Distressed Pup and Mom

Care of Bitch
Discharge, Retained Placentas, Eclampsia

Puppy Care
Fading Pup, Bottle Feeding, Tube feeding, Vaccinations

Weaning the pups
Giving the pups food

Disease of Dogs
Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus

Worms and Fleas
Roundworm, tapeworm, Coccidia, Fleas & Giardia

Selling Your Puppys
Placing your Puppies

Terms of Breeding
Common breeder terms we all should know

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The Stud and artificial insemination

Successful breeding on the part of the male is dependent upon 3 things.

  • 1 his physical ability to copulate.
  • 2 his drive to mate (libido).
  • 3 his ability to produce a normal semen .

    If any of these factors are missing he may not be able to get a female pregnant.

    Proper nutrition and conditioning (exercise) are necessary to for assure
    optimal performance and fertility in the male.
    Males intended for breeding should receive a physical examination
    to evaluate orthopedic, neurologic, endocrinologic, and genital systems prior to breeding.

    Semen quality, optimum fertility is not necessarily a factor of age of the dog,
    but on the stage of the sperm within the ejaculate
    Quality of the semen, is more affected by factors like degree of arousal.
    Frequent ejaculation from daily collection can cause a reduction in
    sperm output. collection of semen or mating on an "every other day"
    allows time for replenishment of sperm .

    Collection of Semen for Artificial Insemination

    Equipment for the collection of semen.
    The device consists of a rubber collecting cone attached to a plastic centrifuge tube.

    Collection equipment should be sterile or disinfected prior to use.
    Certain external factors such as temperature extremes, exposure to lubricants,
    and chemicals found in latex and plastic containers that may be used for sperm
    collection can adversely effect sperm and/or sperm motility. Therefore, stud owners who
    utilize homemade devices for semen collection should ensure that the materials used
    have no toxic side effects on spermatozoa; this also applies to methods for
    disinfecting the equipment.

    At the time of collection, the male is introduced to a teaser bitch, either
    one in estrus or one in anestrus that has been treated with a topical pheromone
    (Eau d'Estrus by Synbiotics, Malvern, PA) and is allowed to sniff at the vulva.
    The semen collection begins by providing manual stimulation to the penis,
    using brisk massage, through the prepuce (the outer fur-covered sheath).
    Once erection occurs, the prepuce retracts, at which point the
    collector can place the rubber collecting cone with attached tube over the
    enlarged penis. When the rubber collecting cone is in place, the collector
    should then tightly encircle the penis and collecting cone with the fingers to
    simulate the vulvar constriction of the bitch that occurs during the natural "tie."

    The dog will ejaculate the semen in three fractions. The first fraction is
    the presperm fraction, which is a small volume of clear fluid.
    The second fraction is a cloudy, sperm-rich fraction. During ejaculation of this second
    fraction, the dog will usually thrust vigorously. Prior to ejaculating the third
    fraction, which consists of clear prostatic fluid, the dog will usually dismount
    and attempt to step over the arm of the collector. If the semen collected is to
    be stored rather than used for immediate insemination, it is important that the
    collector remove the tube containing the first two fractions prior to
    ejaculation of the prostatic fluid fraction. Prostatic fluid has been found to
    lead to a decrease in sperm motility if the spermatozoa are allowed to incubate
    with the prostatic fluid for any length of time prior to insemination.
    If insemination is to be performed immediately, the prostatic fluid may be
    collected with the first two fractions to yield a total semen volume that will
    be sufficient for insemination. For complete assessment of male reproductive
    function, however, it is often advisable to collect the prostatic fluid
    separately for the purpose of performing routine culture.

    *Modified from Amann, Reproductive physiology and endocrinology of the dog.

    Artificial Insemination Video
    by Debbie Jensen

    ### Right Click than Play ###

    The Male - Collection of Sperm
    Prepare your studs for sperm collection by touching him as a young pup.
    At 6-8 months attempt to collect sperm. When he is sexually mature it should
    take under a minute till he begins ejaculation and may last a few minutes.
    Use a plastic cup, baby bottle liner or Dixie cup to collect the sperm.
    Use a tuberculin syringe for small breeds and a larger size syringe for big breeds.

    The Female - Artificial Insemination AI
    Slowly insert your lubricated syringe in her vulva and point towards her back.
    When you feel your in deep, about 2-3 inches, push the plunger with semen
    in her, hold the syringe a few seconds if you have extra sperm to insert.
    When all semen is in her jiggle her vulva and hold her rear end up in the
    air for a few minutes. Dont let her out side to urinate for 30 minutes.